Arena is the zone where your Brute has a chance to fight with other Brutes to gain experience.

Arena FAQ Edit

Source: Ronga

How many fights do my Brute has per day? Edit

  • Max 3 fights per day, but max 10 fights for the first day of creation/registration.
  • System doesn't permit you to fight against the same Brute twice.

If I want to fight more, is it possible? Edit

  • Theoretically speaking, the answer is no. Workaround is to register new brutes to do more fights.
  • However there seems to be a bug where you may fight with the same Brute twice per day. See the thread: Vs same guy twice in day for details.

Searching For Brutes in the Arena Edit

When viewing random opponents to fight in the Arena, MyBrute also has a feature that allows you to search out particular opponents - perfect for grudges or trying to test your mettle against an opponent well above or below your rank.

  1. If you type "kon", the system will search for Brutes' names which start with "kon", as opposed to names that contain "kon" in it's string
  2. When you enter the name of a Brute in the search bar and have no result, this may be because:
    • The name you have specified does not exist
    • You have only typed in 2 characters or less (Mybrute will only accept names with 3 characters or more)
    • The name is already displayed to you on the random fight list in the Arena
    • You have already fought that Brute today (system forbids you from fighting the same Brute twice)

Arena Glitches and BugsEdit

  • It's reported that there is a bug that you may fight with the same Brute twice per day which is originally not allowed. See the thread: Vs same guy twice in day for details.
  • You can fight against yourself by typing the address directly in this format: "http://your brute name in brute name in link". If your brute shown in the link is abcde (Note that name in display and name in link may be slightly different), type The fight is buggy and will look weird. The one initiated the fight may win or lose so this is not the right way to attain guaranteed win.