Rawr! Tear you apart!

The bear is a rare pet. You may obtain when your brute is leveling up.

It has a lot of HP but is slow in attack. It does fairly large damage but it can only hit once.

Bear Statistics

There are 3 pets in total in the game.


  • HP reduced = How much HP will be reduced when you possess that pet
ID Icon English Name French Name Spanish Name Portuguese Name Rarity Health Strength Agility Speed Hits per attack HP reduced Explanation
1 Dog.icon Dog Chien Perro Cão 14 5 5 20 1-3 [ptn 1] 12-18[ptn 2] Weak but fast pet. You can have max 3 dogs named dog A, dog B, and dog C. There are no differences.
2 Wolf.icon Wolf (panther) Loup (Panthère) Lobo (Pantera) Lobo (Pantera) ★★★★ 26 10 10 10 2-4 23 (approx) Strong and fast pet. You can only get 1 wolf. Wolf can be united with 1, 2 or 3 dogs, but not with a bear or another wolf.
3 Bear.icon Bear Ours Oso Urso ★★★★ 110 20 5 5 1 ?? (by a large amount of HP) Strong but slow pet. You can get only 1 bear. Bear can be united with 1, 2 or 3 dogs but not with either a wolf or another bear.


  1. See the thread: dog can hit 4times in a row. The fight shows it can hit 4 times in a row. One says it even does 5 hits once. But I believe it's rare.
  2. ov-i gets a dog at Lv2. Its HP is reduced from 81 to 71 (+2-12 = -10)
    ov-i gets a second dog at Lv4. Its HP is reduced from 78 to 68 (+2-12 = -10)
    daniela-luna gets a dog at Lv8. Its HP is reduced from 72 to 62 (+2-12 = -10)
    cato2009 gets a dog at Lv10. Its HP is reduced from 123 to 107 (+2-18 = -16)
    • Anon: not 10, it is 12, because you will gain 2 hp at 2,4,6,8... lvls. And for cato2009, he has vitality... sorry for bad english
    • Ronga: Sorry what do you mean by cato2009 has vitality? cato2009 has -16 HP. Do you mean vitality will lead to more HP penalty?




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  • Bear, although looks strong, it sometimes get defeated by a wolf. Wolf has low HP but its hitting rate makes up its disadvantages. When hitting fast, it can KO the brute before the bear can pose some threats on your Brute. Wolf managed to KO bear a few times too. --MyBrute Resource Center@Ronga 02:27, 5 May 2009 (UTC)