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As the name suggests, our goal is to help your character to become the Best Brute in the MyBrute world. My Brute is a simple but addictive, free online flash game. You can play MyBrute by clicking here. Everyone can contribute here (how?). Let's help each other to achieve our ultimate target which is worth repeating: Best Brute

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Introduction: What is My Brute?

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I'm the Best Brute ever!

You are the trainer of a human called Brute. You help your Brute to gain experiences by fighting in the arena and by inducting more people (called pupils) into joining My Brute under your name (they call you master).

There are 4 different types of bonuses you can collect during My Brute. There are 26 weapons, 28 different specialities, and 3 pets for you to collect and explore. You may also create and join clans in the My Brute world.

Fight is entirely automatic. As a trainer, you have nothing to do but watch your Brute to fight against other Brutes. Tournaments are hosted every day. It's a good way to test your brute's abilities by competing with the world strongest Brutes. You may get special ranks depending on how far you can go in the tournaments.

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We focus more on the strategies than basic information. Feel free to submit and share your My Brute guides, tips, tricks and resources.

This site is much less restrictive. Your materials don't need to be written in wiki style. You may use whatever writing style which you think the best.

You may even use this place to launch My Brute related projects or activities. We will gladly accept it as long as it's helpful to the MyBrute community. Feel free to request here and we may try our best to help.

We setup a full-featured forum for My Brute players. Currently we exceed 5 thousand registered members. It's the biggest English My Brute community.

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You can edit or create pages in this site unless it's locked to prevent from vandalism.

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Go! Go! Go!

Weak brute hunting guide provides surefire way to help you make guaranteed and fast level-ups.

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WoW! I can't control myself!

My Brute record is a place to collect every amazing and weird record that makes you wonder and laugh.

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My Brute cheatsheet contains every piece of useful information about MyBrute in one page. Be sure you check it out!

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