My brute cell

Example of a brute's cell

Your cell is the home of your brute. From here you control your participation in fights within the Arena and your Tournament career.

Basic Information PanelEdit

First of all, you can see the name of your Brute displayed on the top left, followed by some details about your Brute's fight history to the right.

If you were invited to MyBrute by another player, the name of his Brute apears as your Master. The overall number of defeated enemies is referred to as victories, while Pupils shows all Brutes that were 'initiated' into MyBrute by fighting their first battle against your character (which will make your Brute their master).

Your Brute's Ranking directly relates to your successful participation in tournaments which comes in play when your character attains higher experience levels.

Bonus PanelEdit

There are a panel on your left hand side. You can view what weapons, specialities and pets you have/own on that panel.

Statistics PanelEdit

Around the center you will find information about your brute;s level and a picture of your Brute. You can view the four basic attributes. Since fights per day are limited, a note about your status follows. If you still can initiate confrontations a big button to the arena is available. Just below that, you find information about the current tournament. You may click to participate if the signup hasn't closed yet. You can also view your progress (win or loss, fight with whom) in the current tournament after you are in.

Recent EventsEdit

On the very right column you first find the URL (or simply link) for new challengers from the world wide web. Below that you find a link to your Clan, which only appears if you are member of such an elite group.

Further down you see a recent list of what happened to your Brute. Starting from the top to bottom you can find the last victories, Defeats, level-up's and other events.

Setting PasswordsEdit

You may set passwords so as to ensure you are the only one who uses it. You can change passwords after you have set it but you can't delete it. If you don't set password initially you may be unable to set passwords. Your brute will become a public brute and no one can set password on it. For details, please read Mybrute password FAQ.