First of all, you have to create a character called Brute to start off. Your Brute is going to accompany you for the rest of the journey.

Creating a character is easy and simple.

Steps to create a BruteEdit

In order to bring a new brute to life, you need to complete the following simple steps:

  1. Pick 3-13 letters as your name
    • Change appearance button (your left side): Click to randomize the appearance of a character to your liking. This may change its face, body, clothing, gender etc.
    • Change color button (your right side): Click to randomize colors to your liking. This may change the skin color and clothing color of a character.
  2. Hit Validate; It will check if your name is taken by others. If so repeat until you pick a unreserved Brute's name.

Secrets: Creating black brutesEdit

Black brutes are not available in the randomizer. You can never get black brutes by clicking the "change" buttons. However there are secrets to create black brutes. Read this thread: How to Create Black Brutes using Firefox for details.

What's next?Edit