Clan is a feature in MyBrute where Brutes can create or join clan. However clan doesn't offer any practical benefits.

MyBrute Clans FAQ Edit

What are the Benefits of Joining Clans in MyBrute? Edit

Game-wise, there are no benefits of joining a Clan in My Brute. You gain no extra experience, weapons, specialities, pets of any kind. The only purposes of joining/creating a clan are simply desires for bragging rights or for uniting friends to play under the same "banner" (but they are in no way able to co-operate in fights).

What is Clan Point? Edit

Clans in MyBrute are all measured against each other by their strength. This is done via the accumulation of Clan Points, which are calculated by summing up the individual levels of all Clan members. So a Clan in MyBrute is simply a display of "power" of all the Brutes in it. The more points a Clan has, the clan has more Brutes of higher level on average.

How can I Create my own Clan? Edit

Yes but your brute must be at least level 10. To create a new clan, follow the step below[1]:

Step 1 – “Join a Clan”

Join a clan!

The first thing you must do to get to the page where you can create your My Brute clan is click on the button (shown on the right) that says “Join a Clan” in your cell (cellule).

Step 2 – “Create a Clan”

Create my clan

Once you click Join a Clan you will be taken to a page that lists the most recent clans created. If you are level 10 you will see an image at the bottom that looks like the image to the right that says Create a Clan. Click that button to go to the next step. If you are not level 10 you will get a notice like the image above saying you must be level 10.

Step 3 – Name Your Clan

At this page you will enter a name your clan will be known as. For example, the name of our clan is Once created a button on your cellule will show something like Clan


Create your clan. Give it a name!

I'm below Level 10. Can I still create a new clan? Edit

The official answer is no, but well, My Brute tricks come to play. You can actually create your own clan even if you are lower than level 10. To do so:

  1. If you have another brute which is Level 10 or higher, use this brute to create a clan. Ask a friend to do it for you if you don't have such a brute.
  2. Pick your low-level brute to join that clan. Make sure you are the only one member in that clan.
  3. Select the high-level brute (the original My Brute clan creator, the current My Brute clan leader) and leave the clan. You will be promoted to the clan leader. Congratulations!
  4. BTW: EAT MY SHINY METAL.................................................................................................................... Brute

What happens if the clan master leaves the clan? Will the clan be closed? Edit

Another member in the clan will take over the clan and become the clan leader. The clan will still run fine. It is said the lowest level member becomes the leader which is kind of weird. A sad truth!

References Edit

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