There are a wide variety of combat effects.

Basics Edit

  • Attack: Swing a fist or weapon into your opponent.
  • Multi Hit: Allows multiple hits in rapid succession.
  • Throw: Weapons can be thrown in rage, and deal damage to the opposing brute. You can throw multiple weapons at once if your brute learned the Deluge [Speciality]].
  • Counter: Hit the incoming opponent first before he strikes you.
  • Block: Block incoming damage. All incoming damage will be blocked when it's successful. There is no such thing as partial block (partial damage).
  • Dodge: Avoids incoming damage.
  • Disarm: Some weapons and Impact speciality increase your chance to disarm your opposing brute's weapon.
  • Discard: Discard the weapons when your brute doesn't feel like using it. Then they will select a new weapon they have in hand.

Specials Edit

  • Net: Throws a net trapping an opponent or pet until they are attacked and freed. (Net Speciality)
  • Scream: Scream at 1-2 opposing pet(s), causing them to run away in fear. (Cry of the damned Speciality)
  • Hypnosis: Switch all of the opponent's pets over to your side of the fight. (Hypnosis Speciality)

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