Health is the max amount of health points your brute has. You gain health point normally every time you level up. But it's only a tiny bit of increase.

It's also called Endurance in the My Brute game. You see this term when you gain health boost bonus after leveling up. You gain more health points than usual when you see this message. Vitality and Immortal seems to affect the percentage increase of your health point in future.

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What does endurance improved means?Edit

Sometimes you see the following message when you level up:

Endurance improved in mybrute

Endurance improved. What is this?

Nothing seems to have changed. You gain no new weapon, speciality or pet. What's up? What's is improved?

In fact it's a message which tells you that you got a health bonus and your health point of your brute has been boosted up. In other word, Endurance improved is a health bonus.

Why is it called endurance? It's probably because more health points help you to stand and survive longer in arena fights and tournaments. You can endure more hits before falling down. That's why it's called endurance.

What is the difference between normal health bonus and endurance bonus? Edit

  • Normal health bonus: For each level you rise you gain a tiny bit of health point. You gain 1-2 HP per level. Vitality or Immortal doesn't seem to affect this (unconfirmed).
Endurance improved lv6
  • Endurance bonus: This is a health point boost when you see the message "Endurance improved" (see right) confirmed by Ronga at BestBrute. You gain much more health points than usual when you receive such a bonus. The extra bouns is HP +6 if you don't have any health-boosting specialities, together with the normal health bonus (1-2 HP) that you receive, and that becomes 7-8 HP in total. [1]. You get much more bonus when you have vitality or immortal (let's say 20 HP).

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Reference Edit

  1. spectator009 stat
    Lv5 HP 57, 2/5/3
    Lv6 HP 65, 2/5/9 +Bolt of lightening
    HP+8, sp+6, +speciality

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