The following information is retrieved from Weak brute hunting guide. Read that guide for details.

How can I identify weak brutes? Edit

Poor fight history

How poor this brute is!

Identifying weak brutes is sort of common sense. There are a few guidelines in case you get no clues about it:

  1. No ranking: If the brute has a ranking number or earn a ranking badge, it's going to be very strong (Exception: Brute accounts which have been reset, added by Ronga at BestBrute)
  2. Comparatively low victories: Compare the peers at about the same level. chances are that the brute is weak if it has significantly fewer victories than other peer brutes. (Exception: Brutes who practice pupiling spam or bot pupiling, added by Ronga at BestBrute)
  3. Poor fight records: Chances are that the brute is weak so it keeps losing to others (see right, image added by Ronga at BestBrute). Of course you may want to take a look at those opponents to do further analysis. This brute isn't actually weak if it's only losing to good opponents which are clearly stronger or at higher levels than it.
  4. Avoid strong pets. Avoid brutes with bears and wolves if you lack a shield or pet-repelling ability, such as Net, Bomb, or Cry of the Damned.

The above hints and guidelines should let you identify weak brutes easily.