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Don't know where to discuss My Brute issues or get My Brute help. Look no further away.

We offer a place for you to discuss anything about My Brute. The services included:

  • My Brute Discussion in general: discuss anything about My Brute in general
  • My Brute Dojo: a place to promote your brutes, getting more pupils to improve our dojo
  • My Brute Market place: Trade and exchange with other brutes' owner around the world
  • My Brute Clan: recruit brute members and announcement your clan here!
  • My Brute Suggestion Box: share your thoughts to make even better!
  • My Brute Tournament & League (unofficial events): join the forum most competitive tournaments and leagues
  • My Brute Arena: unofficial arena for you to find and challenge any Brute on the world
  • My Brute Fight Replays: Some fight replays will be saved as videos (as a way to store permanently) so you could view at anytime you want

Currently we are hosting two kinds of forums for My Brute. Pick one which suits you best:

Pick one you like. Ask My Brute questions and get support.

Our forum has the biggest number of members (we have several thousands of members since May 2009). We are currently the biggest English My Brute community.