Statistics (Stat) is the information about the basic attributes for your Brute. They determine how well your Brute fight and battle in the arena. Your basic attributes may be increased when you level up.

Attribute Details

Brutes have 4 attributes: Health (Endurance), Strength, Agility and Speed.

Attributes Meaning Comment/Note
Health point (Endurance)
  1. Max amount of health points of your brute
Increases by 3 points per 2 levels; if you receive "Endurance improved" at level-up, you get more.
  1. how much damage your brute inflicts
  2. rate of damage with bare hands and weapon hits
  3. improves the chance to disarm upon attack.
1 strength = 1 HP damage
  1. increase chance to dodge or block incoming attacks
  1. how often your brute attack more than once, return to attack again, or parry an attack by your enemy
It can be enhanced by the use of fast weapons like the knife.